Auto Gearbox

When was the last time you had your vehicle’s automatic transmission serviced?

Transmissions are subject to severe stress and high operating temperatures. High temperatures speed up fluid deterioration causing residue to form.

A conventional transmission service drains only a small portion of the old, oxidised fluid, large amounts remain causing deposits to form on the components. These deposits can cause erratic shifting, malfunction or even failure.

Are you experiencing slipping, hard shifting, chattering?

The Transmission flush installs and circulates a flushing compound to completely remove oxidised and contaminated fluids in the transmission, valve body, torque converter, pan, filter element, transmission lines and transmission cooler… New transmission fluid containing conditioners and anti-wear additives is circulated enhancing the smoothness of gear changing resulting in:

  • Smoother operation
  • Easier gear change
  • Improved MPG
  • Enhanced operational life
  • Conditions seals

This service should be performed every 2 years or 30,000 miles for long, trouble free transmission life.